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The Lunar Festival celebrates the beginning of a new year in the traditional lunisolar and Chinese solar calendars. It is commonly referred to as the Spring Festival in Chinese and other east-Asian cultures. It was originally a festival to honor ancestors and holy or sacred beings. This is also popularly known as the “Moon Festival” or the “Mooncake Festival.” This is one of the most famous and appreciated themes on the gaming platform.


Who We Are

Lunar Festival is designed to celebrate the Chinese New Year with online slots game. The background score of this game is filled with cinematic sounds and visuals that will awaken your festive spirits.

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Game Features

Lunar Festival delivers exciting and rewarding features that can add lots of celebration and fun to your online gaming journey:

Look out for wild symbols to get exciting rewards and prizes. Matching three, four, or five wild symbols will produce the best possible reward.

When the bonus icon hits three or more places on the Reel, it will trigger the bonus game. This game brings instant prizes by matching at least three of these symbols.

Scatter icons are one of the multiple features of the Lunar Festival. Minimum 3 Scatter symbols anywhere on the reel activate free spins.

The Jackpot will hit only when a 5-of-a-kind icon appears in the game. Players who love to play online casinos will get the opportunity to win Jackpot.



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If the Lunar Festival excites you, worry no more because we have a lobby full of entertaining games with different characters and themes! Explore them now!